The recent bus mishaps in several parts of the State have kicked off a rather interesting campaign online. Log onto, owned by an engineering student Sujith Bhakthan in Bangalore, and you could witness a heated debate.

The campaign says ‘scared of private bus accidents? Use KSRTC buses for safe journey’. Sujith says that he and the blog has never received the kind of response that has been pouring in for the past few days. So much so that a few private bus owners have openly come up against the blog in its Orkut community.
The blog was started by Sujith two years ago and enjoys whole-hearted support of a few friends and KSRTC users group. It gets around thousand hits a day, mainly by users in Bangalore and Kochi. The blog had conducted a seminar on ‘KSRTC and public’ a few months ago in Thiruvananthapuram.
‘’It’s the politics of threat employed by private bus owners that forces the Government to hike bus fares. We launched the campaign so that more people use KSRTC and it gets better,’’ says Sujith from Bangalore. However, the comments posted below the campaign tells how it has not been taken well by some. But Sujith and his friends are not discouraged. And they plan to take the blog to more and more commuters. Publicity using e-mails, Orkut and other social communities are in full swing.
Sujith, a native of Pathanamthitta, had started the blog by giving time schedules. The response he got was tremendous and now he is almost a reference book in everything connected to KSRTC. He speaks about the Volvo or Deluxe buses, as if they are his college pals.
By talking to passengers, sharing experiences with friends and fellow travellers and keeping himself updated with all happenings in the Corporation, Sujith has his blog filled with all details about KSRTC that the public would want to know.
There are details on time schedules of buses, online booking facilities, forum for discussion, space for complaints and much more. The masthead of the blog says that it’s not the official blog of KSRTC even though the content might give one such a feeling.
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