A Letter to KSRTC including Suggestions for recovering loss by a BBA Student

Sir ,

Its been quite a while i have been hearing about the ksrtc is making huge loss & all that..if this condition goes onn..its will be very difficult for the ksrtc to recover or to make a come back.. I have an idea to slove this..which i jst thought about it. As I am a graduate in BBA and in our final semester we have to do a project . For doing this project we have to visit different industries or services firms to collect their relevent data needed for our projects. In that we have different heading or chapters in that we analyse about the company, the problems they are facing, our suggestions & conclusions and so on.

My point is that it will be so effective if the students is allowed to do the project work on ksrtc. Since there are soo many MBA colleges in our state with students of so much caliber and intellegence, and talent. The problems faced by the ksrtc can be analysed in thir project work, thus efficient and cost effective solutions can be obtained.Thus soo many ideas, solutions to problems every thing can be analysed and the students can offer thir suggestions. If there r many students means we can get ideas from different members which may be equally good. Thus such suggestions can be taken care n bring that in to action.

In such a way the problems can be resorted n corrected. The Govt can implement such good plans without incurring much cost and i strongly believe that it will be an effective way to slove the current problem. Good suggestions can be rewarded & appreciated. Thus the authorities can take necessary actions to concentrate the weak areas and improve their facilities.

Thank you

Jaseem Mohammed