Do you find yourself travelling during the rainy season? Sometimes duty calls and we cannot avoid it. Most of the times you won’t know when the rain is coming and when you do, you won’t know the exact time it will pour down. It is therefore important to learn how to protect yourself prior to the rainy season.

Your car also needs extra care during the rainy season as it could risk your life or get damaged if neglected. You only need some guidance tips and you can do the rest even without asking. Let’s talk about these tips.

  • Clean your car

I know you wash your car every now and then but you’d have to increase that count when it’s the rainy season. If you go out there in your car and it’s raining, make sure when you get home you wash your car. You don’t have to go through the whole process of thorough cleaning if you do not have the time, but at least make sure you hose pipe it to remove any dirt on the surface.

When you allow the rainwater, which consists acids, to sit on your car you’ll be messing up your car’s finishing. When dirt sticks as well, it could require aggressive removal which could interfere with your paintwork.

  • Check headlights and taillights

Rain usually causes blurred vision and more so if you’re driving at night. Keeping your lights in check, therefore, is a precaution. You may need to see what is ahead of you and you would only do so by focusing the lights on it.

Headlights also help you to indicate your position on the road. You may be alert while driving in the rain but the driver behind you is not. That could result in a tragedy unless you use the lights to clearly indicate your position or your direction. Make sure all of them are working before the rainy season hits.

  • Maintain the tires

Tires without clear and deep treads are likely to skid in the mud and could result in an accident or lead you into a ditch. The best way to avoid this is to make sure that your tires are not worn out before you can set out in the rain.

If they are you can change them or wait for the rainy season to pass for you to drive again. The best option here would be to buy new ones and change them so you can go about your business without the worry of causing an accident or getting stuck somewhere.

  • Get a car cover

You’ll need to get Chevrolet Camaro car cover if you’re the type to leave your Chevy Camaro outside. A heavy downpour could leave your car in a sorry state. You, therefore, need to shop for a car cover and keeps it intact waiting for this moment.

It could also be the Miata car cover that you have been using on your Miata all along. If it can withstand a storm I’d suggest you bring it out even on the rainy days. It will go a long way to protect your car and keep it free of external damages which may be caused by the weather.

  • Keep Wiper blades in good condition

Are your car’s wiper blades working really? You need to make sure of that before you can embark on any journey on a rainy day. There isn’t a worse nightmare than your wipers failing on you during a heavy downpour. This would be like blind driving.

Chances of you causing or getting involved in an accident would be very high. Wiper blades are a very small part of the car but they have a very big impact. They could determine whether a situation will be a life or death one. Ensure they’re in good shape before and during the rainy season.


I just gave you the 5 most essential tips for your car during the rainy season. There are more of them but they all involve taking good care of your car and yourself during a period where a simple mistake could cost you your life.

You need to heed everything on this list as it is extremely important that you do so. Once you have done all that you can drive in the rain and be safe. All you need to do is move slowly, keep a good distance from the next vehicle and make sure you’re alert.