Youth sets bike on fire after getting fined: ARRESTED [Video]

After the new MV Act implemented in India last year, motorists showed their dismay in various ways. Just after the new amended MV Act was implemented in India, a youth set his motorcycle on fire after the cops issued a challan. A similar incident happened in Delhi today and the youth has been arrested by the cops.

The incident happened in South Delhi after the youth was stopped by Delhi Traffic Police. The cops flagged down the youth, who has been identified as Vikas.

The cops spotted the rider without a helmet near Savitri cinema and asked him to stop.

The cops issued a fine receipt to the young rider, who is said to be only 20-year-old. Vikas argued with the cops on the spot and when the cops did not listen to him, he poured fuel on the bike and set it on fire. The police have now impounded the motorcycle.

Following the incident, a case was registered against Vikas at C R Park police station. The cops have also arrested the youth who showed anger and stopped the cops from doing their jobs.

However, it is not known if he was carrying all the documents of the motorcycle. Vikas works as a food delivery agent but the cops have not revealed if he was on duty when the incident happened.

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The new MV Act was implemented throughout India last year. However, many motorists showed their dismay over the increased fine rates. It should be noted that under the new MV Act, motorists have to pay a much higher amount. As per the government, the increase in the fine amount will ensure that the motorists follow the rules and regulations on the road, which in turn will reduce the number of accidents.

Many states have not implemented the new rules due to the uproar among the citizens. However, we strongly believe that stricter laws and higher fines will ensure better driving habits and less number of violations on the roads.

This is not the first incident of a violator setting his vehicle on fire after getting a traffic fine. In Delhi, there has been at least two similar incidents in which the rider has set fire to the vehicle. In Uttar Pradesh, a young rider started hammering his motorcycle after receiving the fine and was later consoled by the policemen.

Even after the higher fines, India remains one of the most dangerous countries in the world. Thousands of accidents are reported in India every month while many of them turn to be fatal.

Written By Shantonil Nag, Source – Cartoq.