Worst example of rash driving and overtaking – VIDEO

Every year, lakhs of people die in road accidents around India and in more than half such accidents, rash driving and overtaking are key reasons. Here is one of the worst examples of rash driving and overtaking caught on video. This happened on a highway between Tirupati and Madanapalle in Andhra Pradesh.

As the video clearly shows, an AP state transport bus driver tries an extremely rash overtaking move, not only endangering the lives of passengers in his bus but also putting other road users at very high risk. The APSRTC bus nearly collides with a Eicher truck coming in the opposite direction even as it tries to sandwich itself between two other state transport buses after the stupid overtaking move. Dashcam footage from the Toyota Innova traveling behind the errant bus clearly shows the entire sequence of events.

Chiranjeevi Rathnaala, the man who was driving the Toyota Innova, complained to APSRTC about the rash bus driver by forwarding the dashcam footage. The driver of the rashly driven bus, V. Raffi, has been terminated and all depot managers of the Cuddapah division of APSRTC have been informed not to hire him for any driving duties in the future. Swift action by both the complainant and the authorities is highly appreciated. Such moves will go a long way to make Indian roads much safer. Here is the copy of the letter Mr. Rathnaala received from APSRTC highlighting the driver’s termination,

Over the last 10 years, between 2005 and 2016, 1.55 million people have died in accidents on Indian roads. In 2016 alone, 55 accidents were reported every hour. This means that there’s an accident happening somewhere in India every minute, and often with fatal consequences for the people involved. Stricter enforcement of laws and exemplary punishment for rash drivers is the need of the day.

Source – Cartoq.