World’s tallest traffic cop is from India

Jagdeep Singh is not just the long arm of the law – he’s got extremely long legs too. In fact, if you wanted to snap a selfie with possibly the world’s tallest traffic cop, you might be best to bring a ladder, because he is a whopping 7 feet 6 inches tall. So it would pay not to breach any laws in Punjab, where he works with the local police, as being more than head and shoulders above most people, he’s sure to spot any disturbance in the street.

In fact, Singh is so big that he has to have his uniform especially made by a personal tailor, and import his size 19 shoes from abroad.

Small wonder, then, that the towering constable is a local celebrity with much-shorter locals who stop him for selfies while he is on duty. Previously the world’s tallest traffic cop was believed to be Rajesh Kumar, from Haryana in India, who is two inches smaller than Singh, at 7ft 4in.

Singh, who has been with the police force for two decades, enjoys being the centre of attention, saying: ‘I am very proud of being the tallest policeman in India. I am 7ft 6in tall, I weigh around 190 kilograms and I feel very happy about it.’

Although, he added: ‘I can’t find shoes in my size in India. I have to order them from a different country.’ While Singh is proud of being India’s – and possibly the world’s – tallest cop, he has also faced difficulties in his everyday life.

He explained: ‘There are lot of problems in my life. I am not able to buy clothes of my size, I can’t use a normal washroom. ‘And I have to travel in my own car, I can’t take a local bus or cab. They are too small for me.’

There were also problems in his love life while growing up: ‘I wasn’t able to find a girl of my height. Nobody was willing to marry me. People thought I was too tall.’