Woman Boards Luggage Belt Assuming It Would Take Her To The Plane

For the first-time flyers, airports can really be confusing. First-time flyers make silly mistakes. Well, a video has gone viral on the social media in which we can see a flyer trying to board her plane via the luggage conveyor belt at a Turkish airport.

A woman climbed onto a luggage conveyor belt at a check-in counter. She apparently thought it would lead her to the aircraft. The woman made her way to the belt safely, but was unable to maintain her balance as she fell down. The airport staff stopped the belt immediately and rescued the woman.

Watch the CCTV footage below:

CCTV footage shows the woman checking in her luggage at the counter. After that, instead of heading towards the terminal, she steps onto the luggage belt even as people around her look on, puzzled. Unable to maintain her balance, she then falls down. The video shows airline employees rushing to help her up.

As soon as the video was posted to social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, it went viral. The video has also received a lot of amused comments.

According to The Sun, the incident took place at the Istanbul Airport in Turkey. The airport cameras captured the moment. The Sun further claimed that the woman had never flown before, and mistakenly thought that the conveyor belt meant solely for luggage would conveniently carry her to the doors of her plane to Turkey.

The woman was lucky that she never made it to the end of the belt, which would have dropped her for sure onto a pile of air-ready luggage.

Source – newsnation.in.