Why are there no Lamborghini or Ferrari ads on TV?

Those people who Could buy Lamborghini or any expensive car won’t be spending their precious time to watch TV ADS.

These luxury sports car giants promote this beast in other ways either by movies or a motor head Tv show.

Its part of the plan to promote these cars ,think about it if you see Lamborghini on your daily basis would you be that much excited .

Video – Lamborghini Rules Over Kerala Roads Too..

They make their cars so alien or should i say rare to get the attention of the Rich people.
Who tend to buy not so common things everyday.

They may not spend on TVC’s however their PR & Marketing are known to few.

  1. No need to create a brand awareness as majority of world population know them.
  2. Sourcing of prospective customers are done by reaching out via track drives days and major car club members.
  3. Money attracts money, they have access to pool of HNI’s around globe and know how to reach them.
  4. “There are hardly any new millionaire born each day. Its the same guy who owns multiple things” So they know how to share their customer with-in one another.
  5. Their dealers, their executives are well connected and well aware of the country / city they operate in. Knows majority of WHO IS WHO, They definitely wont search for an “Unknown prospective customer”.
  6. They are associated with many exclusive clubs & concierge teams who can arrange test drives and home visits for prospective buyers.

TVCs or ads are mainly to create volume sales / brand awareness – both are not intended by these biggies.