In India, the patience level of the motorists is too low and everyone just wants to go ahead on the road.

Here is an accident that was recorded on CCTV. It shows a Honda Amaze grazing a scooter rider who falls down on the road. The Honda Amaze driver fled the spot.

The video shows an old rider on scooter waiting on the side of the road. Then a Honda Amaze joins the road after taking a left turn while a WagonR prepares to enter the road from the opposite end by taking a right turn. The Honda Amaze honks at the scooter waiting on the road after which he moves ahead and stops again on the road.

The Amaze driver take a sharp right to overtake the scooter and suddenly another scooter enters the video and it razes the side of the Amaze to lose control and fall down. The scooterist who fell down did not get any injuries and he was wearing a helmet too, which ensures that no head injuries happened to him.

First, the scooter rider who fell down seems to be at high speed. On a single lane road without any physical divider, vehicles can enter opposite lane very easily to overtake other vehicles and that’s what happened here. The scooter rider could not change the direction because the WagonR was halfway on the road and made the road space narrower.

Also, at the same time, the Amaze moved too quickly which might not have given enough time to change the direction or apply brakes to the scooter rider who fell down. Also, the video shows that the road is wet, which would have made it more difficult.

The scooter that was waiting on the road can also be blamed for the whole fiasco. Waiting on such a narrow stretch reduces the road space. This proves to be highly inconvenient for the other motorists on the road. While waiting, it should be on the side of the road or empty spot. Waiting on such a busy road can lead to accidents.

The Amaze also did not wait for the scooter to pass and overtake. If it was a bigger vehicle like an SUV or a truck, he would have waited for sure. Also, the Maruti Suzuki WagonR driver keeps half the vehicle on the road, which cannot be done in any other way since the view is blocked.

Wrtitten By – Shantonil Nag, Source – Cartoq.