Which is the best berth available in a sleeper class on an Indian Railways train?

The preference of Best birth in Indian Railway Sleeper Coach , may be classified in different way. But we will classified it on the basis of “Duration of journey”.


  1. If your journey is of one night, then the lower birth will be best for you. Eg- journey between 7p.m to 8-9 pm. Advantage- (A) you will get phone charger nearer to you. (B) easy to have dinner & to go washroom.

2. If your journey is in day time, then the “upper birth”/ “side upper” will be best for you.  Eg- journey between 7a.m to 8p.m. Advantage- (A) you will be able to do relax when you want during day time, which is not possible in lower or middle birth. (B) Also you can keep your important luggage on your upper birth, which is difficult to stole for a thief.

3. If you are journey lover , and loves to see scenic beauties , and love to communicate with new people then “side lower” is best. Advantage- (A)you will get charger point on front of you. (B) variety of people you can meet , as most of local passenger comes and seats on side lower birth.

4. If you are travelling “long distance” more than 24hrs journey then best seat will be upper birth/ 2nd side lower. Advantage- (A) you can rest anytime , as its long journey and cam easily watch a movie because noise is less .

5. Least preference “middle birth” it is only better for night journey.

6. For ssenior citizens “lower birth and side lower” will be more beneficial.

Tips :- 1. Be careful always when you got a seat near a door, because lots of unreserved people gets in during day time , and also they are the most responsible for things for stolen.

2. If you don’t get a confirm seat and having a waiting ticket then go to birth no 7, it is usually T.T seat . By requesting or by giving some penalty he can give you his birth .

Courtesy – Abinash Pandit, studies Electrical and Electronics Engineering at National Institute of Science and Technology (2020).