The Rajdhani Express is a series of express passenger train services in India operated by Indian Railways connecting the national capital New Delhi with the capital and/or largest cities of various states. Rajdhani means “The Capital” in many Indian languages.

What makes the Rajdhani Express the most unique train of Indian Railways?

Speed,comfort,safety,priority and service is all we expect from a train and Radhani Express fulfills every expectation very well. It provides better facilities than any other express or superfast train.

Rajdhani Express is a premium train service launched in March 3, 1969. Let us see how it makes Rajdhani the most unique long distance train in Indian Railways:

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Speed: Rajdhani’s are one of the fastest trains in Indian Railways in country and fastest long distance trains with an average speed of 80+ km/ph and a maximum speed of 130 km/ph.

Priority: Rajdhani Express gets highest priority on Indian tracks and only a Rajdhani can overtake other Rajdhani express (exceptions excluded). Average delay of such trains is almost zero.

Service: There are 20+ Rajdhani trains in service in which few are daily and few are bi and tri-weekly. Rajdhani express connects major or capital city of any state to the capital city of India with least stops and this makes this train so special.

Food: Food is always a major concern for the passengers. In Rajdhani trains,Passengers are served complimentary meals during the journey and a good quality of food is served to the passengers in comparison of other trains.

Comfort: Rajdhani trains are fully air-conditioned trains which makes the journey more comfortable for all passengers.

Photo – Rohit’s Photography.

●Thiruvananthapuram Rajdhani is the longest running Rajdhani Express train.

● Assam, West Bengal and Maharashtra are the only states with three Rajdhani Express.

●Jharkhand, Odisha, are the only states with two Rajdhani Express.

●West Bengal and Maharashtra are the only states with two daily running Rajdhani Expres.

● Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan do not have any Rajdhani Express.

If you ever travelled in Rajdhani express, share your experience in the comment section. According to you what else makes Rajdhani so unique.

Written By – Prashant Tiwari.