A person has put up a video on the social media platforms that show no one sitting on the driver seat of a Premier Padmini. An old person can be spotted sitting on the co-driver seat but he can be seen relaxing 0n the driver seat. But how is it happening? Let’s check the video first and find out what is happening.

The video by Tagore Cherry shows a well-maintained Premier Padmini with a single person inside the vehicle. However, the person is not on the driver. Instead, he can be spotted sitting on the co-driver seat while the car drives on the highway.

The video, which has been taken from another car following the Padmini also shows the vehicle changing lanes effortless and there seems to be no driver. The video even shows the cabin of the car after they pull up by the side of the Padmini and there is no one on the driver seat.

Now before you consider that an invisible person is sitting and driving this vehicle, you should see it closely. The person occupying the co-driver seat holds all the secrets. He is controlling the steering of the car by extending his right arm while looking calm and composed so that it seems like someone else is driving the vehicle. For the accelerator, clutch and brake, we believe that there are trainer pedals, which can be used by co-driver while teaching a novice how to drive. This is a fairly common thing, especially in the cars used by the driving schools.

The co-driver is handling the vehicle completely and he’s controlling everything that the vehicle is doing, including changing the lanes. Just like magic performed on the stage has a confident magician who shows you tricks while staying completely calm, the person on the co-driver seat is doing the same.

Written By – Shantonil Nag, Source – Cartoq.