What is the 5-digit Train Number in Indian Railways?

Very few of us know about the train number with 5 digits. Please read the full explanation to understand this clearly.


Example Train: 12138 – Firozpur to CST Mumbai, Punjab mail

Here the meaning of digits is as following

I digit: 1 means long journey train

II digit: 2 means super fast train

III digit: 1 means Central railway zone

IV and V digit: 38 Random numbers for all types of trains which makes the 5-digit train number as unique

Now let’s see in detail the meaning of these 5 digits:


The first digit of the 5 digit train number indicates the type of the Passenger trains:

0 – for special trains (e.g., summer specials, holiday specials, etc.)
1 – for all long-distance trains, including the Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Sampark Kranti, Garib Rath, Duronto, etc.
2 – for long-distance trains; it is to be used when train numbers starting with 1 are exhausted in any series.
3 – for Kolkata local trains.
4 – for local trains in Chennai, New Delhi, Secunderabad, and other metro cities
5 – for passenger trains with Conventional coaches.
6 – for MEMU trains.means pure electric engine train
7 – for DMU (DEMU) : Electric and diesel engine train
8 – for currently reserved.
9 – for Mumbai local trains.


(i) If the first digit is 0, 1, 2:

0 – for Konkan Railway.
1 – for CR (Central Railway), WCR (West Central Railway) and NCR (North Central Railway).
2 -The Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Jan Shatabdi, Garib Rath, Duronto, Sampark Kranti and Gatimaan Express and all other superfast trains
3 – for ER (Eastern Railway )and ECR (East Central Railway).
4 – for NR (Northern Railway), NCR (North Central Railway) and NWR (North Western Railway).
5 – for NER (North Eastern Railway) and NFR (Northeast Frontier Railway).
6 – for SR (Southern Railway )and SWR (South Western Railway).
7 – for SCR (South Central Railway) and SWR (South Western Railway).
8 – for SER (South Eastern Railway) and ECoR (East Coast Railway).
9 – for WR (Western Railway), NWR (North Western Railway) and WCR (West Central Railway).

(ii)If the first digit is 3:

For Kolkata suburban trains starting with digit ‘3’, there are two sets of numbers, depending on the zone that operates the services.

30xxx through 37xxx : trains run by ER

38xxx through 39xxx : trains run by SER

(iii) If the first digit is 4:

For suburban trains other than in Mumbai and Kolkata, the following conventions apply.

40xxx through 44xxx : Chennai area suburban trains

45xxx through 46xxx : Delhi area suburban trains

47xxx : Secunderabad suburban trains
48xxx through 49xxx : reserved

(iv) If the first digit is 5, 6, 7:

For trains starting with ‘5’, ‘6’, and ‘7’, i.e., passenger trains, the second digit determines the zone as for long-distance trains and the third digit determines the division .

(v)If the first digit is 8:

The second digit shall be Two(2).

(vi)If the first digit is 9:

Mumbai suburban trains use the following system. Up and down directions are generally reflected in the use of odd and even numbers, respectively.

90xxx: WR locals originating from Virar

91xxx: WR locals originating from Vasai Road / Bhayander

92xxx: WR locals originating from Borivali

93xxx: WR locals originating from Malad / Goregaon

94xxx: WR locals originating from Andheri / Bandra / Mumbai Central

95xxx: CR fast locals

96xxx: CR locals going north of Kalyan

97xxx: CR locals on the Harbour line

98xxx: CR locals on the trans-Harbour line

99xxx: CR locals going south of Kalyan

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If the first digit is 0, 1, 2: third digit indicates railway zone

1 (Y21XX): Central and some West Central zone trains
2 (Y22XX): Some Northern, North Central, North Western and Southern zone trains
3 (Y23XX): Eastern and East Central zone trains
4 (Y24XX): Some Northern, North Central and North Western zone trains
5 (Y25XX): Northeast Frontier and North Eastern zone trains
6 (Y26XX): Some Southern and South Western zone trains
7 (Y27XX): South Central and some South Western zone trains
8 (Y28XX): South Eastern, South East Central and East Coast zone trains
9 (Y29XX): Western, some West Central and North Western zone trains

(D) Fourth and Fifth Digit:

Random numbers for all types of trains which makes the 5-digit train number as unique. But for Delhi Suburban Railway train with a number 4NXPX, the fourth digit P indicates the following.

0 to 2 – for a MEMU ( Electric engine )
3 to 5 – for an EMU( Electric engine )
6 and 7 – for a conventional passenger coaching stock
8 – for a DEMU ( Electric and diesel engine )
9 – for other types of stock

Hope, the information is clear to you all. Be updated and have a safe journey.

Written By – Ram Kushwah, Source – Quora.