We don’t need Kiki Challenge, warns Kerala police with a troll video

A young man seated on the passenger seat of a moving car opens the door, steps out and quickly breaks into a dance. The man, dressed in a dark grey t-shirt dances to the now-viral song ‘In My Feelings’ by Canadian rap singer Drake, as the car continues to move.

By now, you must have seen an innumerable number of Kiki Challenge videos on the internet, being attempted by people across the country and know how the Kiki Challenge videos generally end. At the end of the dance that lasts a few seconds, one would expect the man to get back in his seat. But no, the young man jumps straight into another vehicle – a police van!

The next thing you know, the police take him away in the police van.

Days after the Kiki Challenge took the internet by storm, the Kerala police on Tuesday released a video on its social media pages, warning legal consequences against people who attempt the Kiki Challenge, which has drawn flak for the safety risk it poses.

Put together by the Kerala police social media cell, the 44 seconds video tries to send across a clear message – do not attempt the challenge, or be prepared to face jail. Coming from the state police department, one would think the video would take a preachy tone, but seems like the team has resorted to a light approach to tackle the issue.

When the young man is taken away in the police van, he says: “Jango, njan pettu” (Jango, I am trapped), a popular Malayalam film dialogue, that is sure to crack you up.

Along with the video, the state police also pointed out that the Kiki Challenge poses risk and has even led to accidents.

“There are videos on social media that shows accidents happening while the people are trying to do this challenge. We appeal to the people of Kerala, not to take up this dangerous challenge. Kerala police will take strict action against this,” the post on Facebook reads.

Posted on Tuesday, the video has received more than 2.5 lakh views on Facebook.