A traffic marshal on duty at a naka on Dakshin Marg near Tribune Chowk today made a two-wheeler rider clean the road after the latter had spitted on it.

The traffic marshal, Baldev Singh, saw a motorcyclist spitting around 100 metres before the naka. Traffic cops stopped the biker, who was riding with a minor boy as pillion, at the naka and pointed out that he had spitted on a public place.

Following this, the biker went to the place and removed the spit with his hands and some grass. While he was returning, the traffic marshal went to him with a water bottle, took him back to the spot and asked him to pour water on it. Later, Baldev Singh made him wash his hands.

“I had taken the water bottle along with me as I wanted the person to clean it with water, but he himself cleaned it with his hands and some grass he was holding,” said the traffic marshal.

Baldev Singh said nobody forced him to do so. “He was apologetic at the naka and volunteered to clean it,” he added.

As per the lockdown rules of the Chandigarh Union Territory Administration, no person can spit at public places. Also, there is a ban on riding with a pillion on any two-wheeler to ensure social distancing. The people present at the spot also said that the child was not wearing a helmet but it is not known if the cops handed them a challan.

Spitting is a major problem in many cities in the country. While metro cities have laws against spitting in the public places and there is a fine for it, most people do not adhere to the laws as there is no one catch them. The COVID-19 virus that spreads through the spit and nasal droppings.

This is why masks have been made mandatory for anyone going out in many states. The authorities are working on lifting the lockdown in a phased manner and in the coming times. With the contagious virus, permanent rules will be in place for a better and cleaner future.

Source – The Tribune.