UKTS Game for all Bus & Truck Lovers

UK Truck Simulator is a vehicle simulation game from SCS Software. As an employee of a virtual haulage company, players can travel between 18 major cities in the United Kingdom, collecting and delivering cargo. Ultimately, players have the option to purchase their own truck, and drive as an independent driver, choosing their cargo and delivery locations.

The player starts his/her career as an employee of a cargo transportation company, work hard to be able to buy his own truck/Bus and start his own business. It is possible to purchase garages and setup branch offices across the United Kingdom to accommodate own growing truck/Bus fleet.

The player can upgrade trucks and keep them in top condition for maximum efficiency such as fuel, and condition of the truck. As the game is set in the United Kingdom, it features European truck designs exclusively and feature actual working instruments such as flashing indicators, temperature and low fuel warning lights, wipers, and gauges.