We have seen traffic and people on road at their worst and least sensible behavior. It’s like people leave their brains in fridge at home before they come out to drive/ride. Such traffic idiots who do not know how to cross the road, who change driving lanes suddenly and without indicating etc. might become the cause of an accident! However we have learnt that it is best to not to argue with such idiots and keep riding away with a calm mind.

Two Wheeler Rider Playing in front of KSRTC Superfast on Aluva – Edappally Highway

In the below mentioned video footage, we can see a motorbike which carrying a young woman and her child as pillion riders, is playing in front of a KSRTC Superfast Bus. This may leads to an accident. One of the passenger who was travelling in the bus captured the video and shared in social media. In public roads, small scale vehicles should give importance to heavy passenger vehicles such as Buses. But here we can see the biker trying to blocking the way of the bus which is a Superfast Service.

You will also meet some maniacs on road every day who will try to race with you. Even if you ignore them completely they will not stop teasing you by riding madly around you trying to prove I don’t know what. The problem with such people is that they think just because you are in full riding gear and riding a decent machine, you are trying to race with them. He kept riding along me in a mad way as if he was a circus artist. He even provoked me to race and kept following me till my home! LOL! I did not utter a single word and kept riding at my own speed as if he didn’t exist. Such jobless People.

There are special problems associates with overtaking while driving a heavy vehicle. It is very important to watch for small vehicles, such as motorcycles. Before pulling out, check your mirrors and glance down to check for vehicles below your cabin. Air movement caused by a large vehicle travelling fast can force a small vehicle off the road, or draw it into the side of a larger vehicle.