Do you want your family to stay fit and healthy? Then go back to your roots. Re-visit those traditional recipes and dishes that have been handed down through generations. Trust us, these are your best bet for a well-balanced meal.

Trichur Special Tapioca with Chicken Curry; A Village Style Food Video

A Youtuber, Prasanth Paravoor who made a food Video from village style cooking. The channel shows a man preparing varieties of mouth-watering non-vegetarian dishes in bucolic settings with the help of his family members and tasting the cooked food with exaggerated relish before the camera, sometimes joined by the villagers.

Don’t believe us, think back to summer vacations long ago when you went to your native village. You had nothing to do but play all day with friends and eat the delicious food cooked at home. You ate healthy for everything was locally grown and sourced, and garnished with homegrown spices and served with lots of love.

Now, cut back to the present. Nutritionists believe that it is important to eat local and seasonal. In fact, today’s healthy living mantra is to ‘eat what your grandparents ate’. The idea here is to go back to a simpler lifestyle, to eat traditional foods and village specialities as these are more beneficial for you and your family.

So, re-introduce your children to village foods — produced from locally grown grains, fruits and vegetables. Doing so means they will also learn what it is to embrace fewer processed foods and more of what is homegrown or homemade. What’s more, your children will learn to differentiate between foods that are full of flavour and fast food. The switch will benefit the entire family and lead to a healthier, holistic lifestyle.

Going back to the roots has to be a conscious decision, it is about mindful eating. It is about eating fresh, local and regional. It is about appreciating the traditional but giving it a trendier and tastier, twist. So, what are you waiting for?