Drivers are worlds greatest human beings, yes they are the one who put their life at stake for the service of peoples. There are crores of drivers who lost some parts of their body even life in road accidents. Have you experienced a pain of driving 400 kms daily all through out a month?

At the time of hardship you have to leave your dearest once to be on line of work.

Do you ever work expecting death at every second of your job? Work until death is your retirement reward. Unfair salary till end. Unreasonable respect. No progress in income. Happiness never bloom. Unhappy tragedy will travel along with drivers all through their life of work.

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Truck drivers provide an essential service to industrialized societies by transporting finished goods and raw materials over land, typically to and from manufacturing plants, retail and distribution centers. Truck drivers are also responsible for inspecting all their vehicles for mechanical items or issues relating to safe operation. Others, such as driver/sales workers, are also responsible for sales, completing additional services such as cleaning, preparation and entertaining (such as cooking and making hot drinks) and customer service.

Most truck drivers are employed as over-the-road drivers, meaning they are hired to drive long distances from the place of pickup to the place of delivery. During the short times while they are in heavily polluted urban areas.