The unexplained: Rickshaw man saved by magical being

This is the moment a mysterious ‘angel’ figure appears from nowhere to save a biker from certain death.

A man rides across the road during the pitch black early hours and seems oblivious to the oncoming truck on his left hand side.

But a split second before it ploughs into him, he seems to disappear then reappear unharmed on a different side of the road.

The clip been shared millions of times on social media with many claiming it is divine intervention as the figure appears to swoop in and ‘teleport’ the man out of the path of an oncoming truck.

After the incident, the motorist stops his truck and gets out, clearly bewildered, while the ‘angel’ walks off into the distance.


It was posted to Facebook with several being quick to share their stories of miracle escapes, one user wrote: “It looks real to me, and whats the harm in believing in angels or miracles, why can’t people just take it for what it is?”

Others reported similar incidents happening to them, attributing it to their ‘guardian angel’.

Myth-busting website hoax-slayer claims the video is actually part of a 2012 marketing campaign for a Chinese computer game called ‘Dragon Totem Girl’.

It adds the distinctive dragon head game logo appears on the roadway after the truck has passed.

The main character in the game is reportedly a hero who uses super powers to save people’s lives.