When KSRTC “SUPER FAST” thunders down the streets of the entire SOUTH INDIA…..>>>>

His Elder Brother KSRTC “SUPER EXPRESS” roars the entire SOUTH INDIA with great valour and confidence.The confidence that he gains from his services offered to both keralites and non-keralites.

“SUPER”—>The word means AWESOME/GREAT/FABULOUS/ in every sense.

But the recognition given to both these KSRTC-GIANTS is not equal it seems…as far as I am concerned..!!

When KSRTC-“SUPER FAST” has earned the stunning design of
“Yellow-Red” combination with Sharp strips of reddish lining running throughout its exterior body…the same design was once earned by SUPER EXPRESS in its fascinating “Yellow-Green” outlook….!!

But that was long before…..really a long time ago..

I guess….it was when I was a kid..!!

But today it seems that the much high esteemed “SUPER EXPRESS” is being given a lower level recognition in its design as today’s Modern KSRTC S/EXP. is found to be the exact replica of
“KSRTC-FAST PASSENGER” though the latter is embedded in RED while the former is in GREEN colour.

And frankly speaking….this is the only worst thing done by the authorities concerned to the spectacular “KSRTC-SUPER EXPRESS” which as far as I am concerned….can’t be kept silent at all.

I do not know what would be the remedy that would be chosen in the near future against this “CEMENTED BLUNDER” being created….but if at all there is a remedy to it then I would surely be one amongst my own fellow comrades to support it…

“KSRTC SUPER EXPRESS” MUST BE GIVEN ITS OLD-BUT MODERN SPECTACULAR DESIGN in its typical “YELLOW-GREEN” COLOUR COMBINATION…..which is already owned by “KSRTC-SUPER FAST”(both in the past and present times).

I have a strong belief that there would be many people in this blog who would support to the facts mentioned by me here.

As both of them are SUPER in their name…they must be SUPER in their appearance too….

After all they form “THE PILLARS OF KSRTC”.


Written By : Amit Suresh Nair