The Tata Nexon is a crossover that’s meant for on-road use, and by no means is capable of doing hardcore off-roading. Here we have a video that shows how a Tata Nexon AMT will behave if it tries climbing a steep, rocky section.

The video has been uploaded by Car Stories on their youtube channel. The video simply shows what the difference is between a two-wheel drive and a 4WD SUV. The video starts with vloggers driving down a Tata Nexon AMT on a rocky section of a hill. The compact SUV makes it smoothly to the trail without hitting the bottom on any of the rocks. The high ground clearance in Nexon helped it cross the section without any damage.

The vlogger then tries driving it up the hill and that is where things started getting a bit more challenging. As we all know, Tata Nexon is a compact SUV that is made for urban environment. It was meant to tackle the city traffic and broken roads not the off-road trails on a hilly section. Tata Nexon is a front wheel drive vehicle and the moment it had hit the rocks, the front wheels started losing traction as it was running on regular road tyres.

What can go wrong?

  1. The steering system of the Nexon can get severely damaged on the rocks.
  2. The Nexon does not get a bash plate as standard. Driving on rocks can lead to the engine sump scraping on rocks, and developing a severe oil leak, which can lead to catastrophic engine failure.
  3. Suspension components of the vehicle can be severely damaged.
  4. The vehicle can get stuck off the road.

Another issue was the AMT gearbox, which is not a recommended combination if you plan to go off-roading. Driving a front wheel drive car off-road can be dangerous as the chances of getting stuck and damaging vehicle are pretty high. Here in this case, the obstacle was not that hard and the Nexon driver after couple tries and with some momentum had reached the top.

In the same video, the old-generation Ford Endeavour climbs up the same section pretty smoothly because it is a proper 4×4 vehicle. As seen in the video, Endeavour had proper grip on all the four wheels, and smoothly crawled up. The driver did not give much throttle and made it look like an easy task which in reality is not.

Written By – Ajeesh Kuttan, Source – Cartoq.