Tata Hexa rescues Toyota Innova & Mahindra Scorpio in Ladakh

The Tata Hexa is the flagship SUV of the brand and was launched last year in the Indian market. The Hexa is quite popular for its long list of features and the European looks that it offers and has become decently popular in the segment. With the start of Ladakh season, many car and SUVs have flocked to the picturesque place located in the northern Himalaya. Here is a video of the Tata Hexa extending a helping hand to the Toyota Innova and a Mahindra Scorpio.

Pangong Tso, which is one of the highest lakes in the world is one of the major tourist attractions in the Ladakh region. While there are many warning signs along the banks of the Pangong Lake warning tourists not to take the vehicles too close to the lake, many people ignore the signs. Here is a Scorpio that went too close to the lake and the soft sand trapped the SUV completely. In a bid to get out from the situation, the Scorpio dug deeper and got stuck royally.

The Tata Hexa came to the rescue and helped the Scorpio to get out of the soft sand. It is not known if the Scorpio is a 4WD or a 2WD version. Mahindra offers the Scorpio with the 4X4 option and a low-range transfer case that makes it very capable. The Hexa, on the other hand, does not get a low-ratio transfer case. However, it gets various modes like rough road, comfort and dynamic modes on its all wheel-drive layout to suit multiple terrains.

The second part of the video shows a Toyota Innova stuck on a rock. The Innova can be seen parked on the side of a treacherous road with the Pangong Lake in the background. and it seems like a tourist vehicle which is mostly driven by experienced local drivers. The Innova’s front axle can be seen resting on a large rock. The Hexa again comes to the rescue and pulls the Innova from behind with the help of a towing rope. The torque-rich engine of the Tata Hexa makes it look like an easy task and pulls out the Innova without breaking a sweat.

Know the limits of your car

Every car, even the ones with 4WD layout have limitations. It is extremely important for the car owners to understand the limits of a vehicle. If an SUV offers switchable 4WD, always ensure that you switch to the 4X4 mode before heading to challenging terrain. Also, finding help in places like Ladakh is extremely difficult and without any phone network at most of the places, it becomes really difficult to seek assistance. One needs to be very careful while venturing out alone in desolated places.

Not the first time for Hexa

The Tata Hexa is powered by a 2.2-litre VARICOR engine that is tuned in two different outputs. There is a 148 Bhp – 320 Nm version of the engine which is available with only 4X2 variants. There is a higher powered by VARICOR 400 engine that develops a maximum of 154 Bhp and 400 Nm of peak torque. This engine is available with both 4X2 and 4X4 versions and is available with the automatic transmission too. The Hexa has pulled a Boeing 747 as a promotional activity in the past. The SUV has pulled 33,000 kg aircraft for a good distance.

via Rushlane