Even though the Harrier could not put up big numbers on the sales charts, it sure attracted a lot of customers. The Harrier is only available in FWD format but it sure is quite capable with its traction control-based driving modes. The Harrier also offers a massive 450mm of water wading depth, which this owner seems to be enjoying in a river.

The Tata Harrier in the video can be seen crossing the river multiple times without any problem. While the video talks about the ground clearance of the SUV, it is more about the water wading capabilities. The video by Viratian A shows the SUV going through the water successfully without a hiccup.

Even though the Harrier offers a massive water wading capability of 450mm, it should not be done for fun. Why? Because a drop of water reaching the internal circuit of the car can prove to be deadly for the vehicle. Water reaching the internal circuit can even cause the ECU to blow, which is a major expense.

Also, wading through water at a high speed like this video shows can cause the water to reach the air intake of the car. If a large amount of water reaches the piston and it cannot be compressed by the engine, it will stop working at all. It is called hydrostatic lock and requires a large amount of sum to open and clean the engine thoroughly.

Many modern vehicles have sensors to protect the engine against water and the sensor detects water in the air intake, it will hydrostatic lock the vehicle and will not allow the engine to work until the system is checked by the authorised dealerships and the lock is removed. It again can cost a lot of money since the whole air intake system will be checked and cleaned.

Written By – Shantonil Nag, Source – Cartoq.