Car movies like Fast & Furious have always shown over-dramatic scenes that leave many in awe. But recreating these scenes in real-life is something that can turn out to be extremely dangerous. Most of us remember the scenes from the Fast & Furious series where the actors jump on a truck trailer to steal fuel. Here is a video from Madhya Pradesh that shows a similar daring stunt by a group of three men.

The incident happened on an empty highway of Madhya Pradesh where a trucker was in the middle lane cruising through. The video, which has been made from another car by the driver shows a man jumping from the bike to truck. He then uses a bolt cutter to break the lock and open the door of the container. The video shows two more people on the bike, who are there to help the person who jumped to the truck.

After the car reaches near the bike, the thieves wave the vehicle to mind his own business and drive ahead. However, the car driver alerts the truck driver and tells him that a robbery is happening. It is not known what happened after that. According to the video, the thieves were stealing edible oil from the container.

It should be noted that such containers are mostly sealed by the transporters to ensure that there is no siphoning or theft during the transit. It is a well-secured lock but the thieves on the bikes seem to know all the procedures and they really seem to be knowing what they are doing. This is not the first time that such an incident has happened according to the video. There is another video that shows a similar robbery from a truck cruising on a highway.

While in the movies, such acts are done by professional stuntmen with all the safety in place, these robbers did not even wear a helmet. One wrong move can leave them critically injured. Also, it should be noted that the truck driver cannot see what is happening behind the container. This is why many foreign truckers install cameras to check if the doors are securely locked.

The video does not talk about any police action or complaint but we do hope that the cops nab these robbers and put them in jail. Indian highways have always been a hotspot for crimes, especially the empty stretches. There have been many types of robberies in the past including gangs who used to through metal parts to damage the vehicle and then rob the stranded occupants in broad daylight. Also, there have been cases where the robbers ask for help and then rob the people who stop to help.

Written By – Shantonil Nag, Source – Cartoq.