Spotting Traffic Police, People Walked Their Bikes To Escape Fine For Riding Without Helmets

India is the land of Jugaad and it is something we take pride in.

From the beginning of our day to the point when we decide to end it, almost everything is jugaad. You will be surprised to know that Jugaad has even become a management jargon where students are taught to find the next best alternative as a quick-fix to a problem.

You’d concur with me here, won’t you?

Anyhow, a bunch of people were riding their bikes on the road until they came across a traffic police troop. Confused and bewildered, soon they all began walking it. Why, you ask? Because they did not have helmets.

In a video that’s now doing its rounds on social media, many can be seen walking their bikes in front of the traffic police, a Jugaad that saved them from being caught and fined. In my opinion, the police could have caught them if they wanted to, not sure if they didn’t because it still validates that they were riding without the helmet.