Short video of a narrow country road and tight situation with another truck

I haven´t uploaded for a while (3 months :D) so here you go, short video of a narrow country road and tight situation with another truck.

Scania is continuously improving its ­products. And the all-new V8 engine is another leap forward in the company’s offering. The new V8 builds on many of the successful features from the earlier generations. But this time, out of approximately 650 components that make up the entire engine, 200 are completely new.

The cross-functional team that developed the new V8 engine focused on four key areas: fuel efficiency to improve customers’ profitability, serviceability to increase the vehicles’ uptime, improved production processes to increase quality for even better robustness, and a contemporary design to match the New Generation Scania trucks.

Several factors have contributed to improved fuel efficiency, such as reducing the number of components and introducing components that are engaged only when needed.

In the ­following paragraphs the most important ways that a better fuel-efficiency has been achieved are highlighted.

The new V8 engine platform ranges from 520 to 650 hp. The current engine platform will still be used for the 730 hp version Scania V8 engine. It has, however, not been left untouched.

The updated 730 hp will for example feature the pilot-controlled oil pump, the variable water pump and the new larger aftertreatment system as well as an updated engine management system, which will improve its fuel efficiency – especially at low load.