While Traffic rules and regulations are meant for avoiding accidents and ensure safety, in India, following them mean nothing but these are just ways for people to avoid challans and fines.

The last few years saw an alarming increase in the fatalities that happen in case of a two-wheeler accident.

Even a report of World Health Organisation (WHO) states that the chances of death in case of a non helmet rider are 40 percent more than in such a case when the rider is wearing a helmet.


Now, recently, Sachin Tendulkar is seen teaching his fans the essence of road safety in a short video. The 19 second footage shows a couple of Sachin Tendulkar fans trying to pose a selfie with him. Just when one of them comes closer to Sachin’s car, the master blaster suggested the boy to wear a helmet.

Post that, Sachin also teached him that life is precious and riding a two-wheeler without a helmet can be extremely dangerous. The little master also takes a promise from the two boys on wearing a helmet just before he leaves in his car.

On his way, Sachin also sees another fan who smiles after knowing that he has been noticed by the Master Blaster. Sachin also gives the same tip to him that is, to wear a helmet while riding.

The video has been released by none other than the official Sachin Tendulkar Twitter handle with the caption “Helmet Dalo!! Road safety should be the highest priority for everyone. Please don’t ride without a helmet.”