Rainy season in India brings a lot of unexpected situations to the roads creating traffic jams. On Monday morning, a 10-feet long python caused a massive jam on the Eastern Express Highway. The video shows rescue workers trying to untangle the huge python from under the vehicle.

The incident happened at Chunabhatti on Eastern Express Highway. As per the officials, the snake crawled under a car and wrapped itself around the tyre of the vehicle. This caused a long traffic jam as the vehicles came to standstill.

Even though only one lane was blocked for the rescue of the snake, the motorists stopped their vehicles on the highway to get a glance of the snake. It caused a massive traffic jam on the highway. The traffic remained affected for about an hour due to the rescue work.

After the police officials could not unwrap the snake themselves, the animal rescue team was called who got to work to save the snake. After spending more than half an hour to unwrap the snake, they took the reptile and saved it. The snake was later released in the forest. It is not known if the vehicle was moving or was parked when the snake coiled around the tyre of the vehicle.

During the rainy season, snakes do come out to look for food and vehicles seem to be very attractive for the cold-blooded reptiles. Since vehicles become hot while operating, snakes get attracted to them. Hot places help to regulate the body temperature of reptiles. Such situations are not very uncommon in India. There have been many incidents where snakes have taken refuge inside the engine bay, around the engine of motorcycles, and many such places. A number of such incidents are reported during the rainy season and monsoon.

Most snakes remain in the engine compartment since it is the warmest place of the car. However, on rare occasions, these snakes can also enter the cabin of the vehicle. One should always be careful if there are snakes around you. It is always a good idea to peak under the hood of the vehicle during the rainy season to find anything unusual. The vehicle owners should also park their vehicles away from the tall grass because that’s one place where snakes love to stay.

The residents of urban areas of India do not face such situations often. It is only the areas with good green cover, where snakes lurk around. If you ever come across any such situation, it is always a good idea to call for expert help and let them handle the situation.

Written By – Shantonil Nag, Source – Cartoq.