No matter where you are in India, you will always find a lot of two-wheelers. Whether it is a metropolitan city or a small town, most of us rely on a two wheeler when it comes to travelling to a nearby distance.

It is the convenience factor which makes a two wheeler a real hero. People use bikes, scooters and mopeds for both travelling to work and going out over the weekend. Last year, around 14 million bikes were sold in India. Bike is the most preferred mode of transport after public transport modes.​

One can easily enjoy a quick ride on a two wheeler and leave the traffic behind. However, there are a lot of risk factors also associated with riding a two wheeler. In India, not just the number of bikes but the number of bike accidents is increasing.

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Some important points that a two-wheeler rider should bear in mind are:

He/she should mandatorily wear a helmet while riding.
He/she should maintain safe distance from other vehicles on the road.
Timely bike servicing is necessary.
He/she should not use mobile phones while riding.
He/she should stay away from blind spots of vehicles.

Never stop right behind or ahead of a vehicle. Make sure you have enough space to move around. Avoid weaving in and out of traffic.Keep a distance while overtaking parked or moving vehicles or while overtaking other vehicles on the road.

Whether you are overtaking a moving, or even a parked vehicle, make sure that you leave plenty of space. Do not try to cut ahead when there is some space between two vehicles. That is for avoiding collisions. Be respectful.

Two-wheelers on the road are cursed by four wheeler drivers every day because they always seem to be cutting ahead, riding on the pavements and getting home so much faster than their four-wheeled brothers. Sure there are reasons to be jealous, but two-wheelers are much more at risk on the road.

Chances are everyone you know who rides a two-wheeler has gotten into at least one accident in their years on the road. This is where the significance of a two wheeler insurance policy comes into the picture – it protects you and your bike from several incidents such as accidents, theft, vandalism, etc.