The son of a rich industrialist, who was out on the streets driving a luxury Porsche car without wearing mask, was made to sit-ups on the road by a group of local volunteers in Indore.

Although the 20-year-old claimed he had a curfew pass to move around in the area to distribute food to the needy people, the volunteers refused to give him a patient hearing as he was driving without a mask in the open roof car.

A video of him as gone viral on social media.

The video that shows the driver, Sanskar Daryani doing sit-ups beside his bright yellow 718 Boxster has become viral on the internet. Son of the business tycoon Deepak Daryani, Sanskar released a video saying that he was coming back after distributing food packets to the poor in the vicinity.

He had the necessary pass hung around his neck while driving the car and also had the driving license. He was stopped by a group of people from Nagar Suraksha Samiti and Sanskar tried explaining to them that he has all the necessary clearances to be out on the road.

After stopping his car by the roadside, the man was seen coming out of the vehicle and trying to show his curfew pass to the volunteer. However, the volunteer said “he has nothing to do with the pass.”

After this, the stick-wielding volunteer asked the man if “he was ashamed to wear a mask while driving” and forced him to do sit-ups. The man who was driving the car later in a video message said his family has been providing food to poor people during the curfew.

“At the time of the incident, I was going to my house after distributing food packets. I came out of the car with the driving license and the official curfew pass. But, the Nagar Suraksha Samiti volunteer did not listen to me. He also used abusive words while misbehaving with me,” he alleged.

The man said he was deeply saddened by the volunteer’s behaviour.

His father, who is an industrialist, alleged that in a separate incident on Saturday, volunteers of the Nagar Suraksha Samiti also misbehaved with him while he was going in his car.

The industrialist said he went to Heera Nagar police station on Sunday and made a verbal complaint to the police about the Nagar Suraksha Samiti volunteers’ misbehaviour.

Source – Cartoq, Livemint.