To address a variety of queries from travellers online, the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) has launched Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered chatbot Ask Vaani.

Vaani will respond to queries from users pertaining to ticket bookings, route changes, changes in boarding, destination and the like. According to the Chief Traffic Manager (Commerce), Vaani is powered by AI and is designed by the award-winning Bengaluru based startup, CoRover.

“The platform is built on AI, machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) that connects people via a centralised chat service. Vaani will improve customer satisfaction and help businesses scale,” a KSRTC statement released on Saturday read.

The chatbot has features such as zero waiting time for the query to get answered, 24×7 service, auto-reply facility, ability to multi-task with accuracy and speed.

Main features

• Answer customer queries
• Multi-tasking
• Voice-enabled
• Round-the-clock customer support
• Reduce waiting time for queries to be answered
• Stress-free experience
• Save time and cost for operators and users.

The feature can handle multiple tasks such as a voice-enabled reply to queries or text replies besides reducing the waiting time, thereby providing the travellers a stress-free experience.

Source – Times Of India, Deccan Herald.