Nonchalant motorists make risky for pedestrians

Motorists’ utter lack of concern for pedestrians, even those using zebra crossings, puts the latter in great peril on the streets. The white lines prominently marked on the tarred black roads are supposed to be a pathway for pedestrians to get across busy roads, yet two and four-wheelers are often seen driving over them without stopping to let those on foot pass.

Here we are sharing a video and see how a pedestrian reacted against a motorist who parked his bike on the zebra line.

“One whack also should be given on his head for not wearing helmet, this is the kind of people whose licenses should be banned forever, there is no point of allowing this people to ride, absolute nuisance, hefty fine also should be imposed.” One of the viewer commented on youtube under the video.

Rules of Road Regulation (1989) for pedestrians or their right of way are — Rule 8: It is the duty of a driver to slow down when approaching a pedestrian crossing. Rule 15: No driver can park a motor vehicle near a traffic light or on a pedestrian crossing or a footpath. Rule 11: Motor vehicles are not allowed to drive on footpaths or cycle lanes except with permission from police officer on duty