Maintaining an interval of 11.5 minutes the Kochi Metro trains moved from Aluva to Palarivattom as the service trials began on Wednesday morning. The Kochi Metro Rail Ltd (KMRL) – the owner of Kochi Metro – operated four sets of trains on both directions along the stretch without encountering any hurdles or obstacles.

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From Disabled friendly Coaches to Regenerative Breaking system and EVM Chip card facility to employing Transgenders, Kochi Metro stands out with its public-friendly features. Let’s wait to witness a better transit facility that will change the face of Kochi like never before.

Kochi Metro Rail Limited employs 7 women train operators to steer the Kochi Metro. The selected train operators have begun operating service trials in the 13-km-long corridor after undergoing three months training in Bangalore. KMRL looks forward to change the city transit of Kochi by being a local game changer with global innovations.

“The trains stopped at all the 11 stations for a minute. It moved at speed of about 35- 45 km/ hour. At some places the speed went up to 75 km/ hour. It took 26 minutes to cover the distance from Aluva to Palarivattom,” said KMRL spokesperson.

While the Metro agency completely tested signalling systems the telecommunication systems were partially tested.

She said that service trials would continue the next day and there would be 142 trips.

According to the metro agency the trials which start at 6am would go up to 10 pm.


 KMRL said they were yet to decide on the duration for holding service trials. “As of it will go on for some days,” said the spokesperson. The Metro agency has already placed employees associated with maintenance, station controllers and ticketing staff. The ticket vending machines were already installed at the stations. The ‘Kochi One’ smart card was also ready. But, availability of personnel from Axis bank and KMRL would be a factor.
“In fact it will be launched before starting commercial operations. As we have not finalized the date for launching commercial operations we have not decided on the date for launching smart cards,” added the spokesperson.