A monkey is taking the internet by storm and the bizarre reason behind it will blow your mind. A CCTV footage of a monkey stealing money from a toll booth in Kanpur is doing rounds on social media.

In the viral video, one can see a white vehicle stopping at a toll booth, when a monkey leaps out of the car inside the booth, as the driver rolls down his window.

Monkey enters Kanpur toll booth and steals money from cash counter. Watch viral video

The footage then shows the startled toll booth operator, who is visibly shocked after seeing the monkey. However, before he could react to the situation the animal grabbed money from the open cash register and runs away.

At first the operator tried to think of it as a humorous situation, but then was left alarmed when the animal grabbed a bundle of notes.

According to reports, the toll operators chased the monkey in vain and also questioned the car driver, who denied any involvement in the incident. A senior official of the toll management company, Manoj Sharma, said the monkey stole Rs 5,000 in the incident.

“This is a trained monkey and it is the second time a similar incident has happened. We have complained to the police,” he said.

Source – India Today.