Miraculous escape for Baby after falling off a Jeep near Munnar

In a shocking incident, a toddler was injured after falling off a moving jeep in Kerala’s Idukki district. The incident occurred at 10 pm on Sunday as the toddler’s parents, Satheesh and Sathyabhama, were returning from a ritual in Tamil Nadu’s Palani temple.

The toddler, who was sitting on her mother’s lap, fell while the jeep was turning. The vehicle is said to have travelled a distance of 50 kilometres without the parents realising that their child had fallen off the vehicle.

Meanwhile, Rohitha alias Ammu managed to crawl to a nearby forest check post. The forest officials on duty spotted the baby through a CCTV camera and rushed to the spot to rescue her. She was then given first aid and handed over to the police. The toddler miraculously sustained only minor injuries.

On the directions of the Munnar Wild Life Warden R Lakshmi, the baby was then taken to a private hospital in Munnar while the police and childline were informed.


It was only after the parents reached home at 12.30 am, that they discovered that their child was missing and complained to the Vellathooval police station. They were then told that their child had been found in Munnar. Following this, the child was handed over to the family later.

“We initially presumed the child to have been abandoned. It was only after examining the CCTV footage did we realise that she had fallen off the vehicle. Fortunately, she crawled towards the ticket counter, probably on seeing the light there,” Munnar Wildlife Warden R. Lekshmi said.

The unsettling footage, recorded at 9.42 p.m. on September 8, shows the baby crawling across the road and attempting to climb over a railing. Abandoning her efforts, she crawls around the railing and proceeds towards the checkpost.

The incident is said to have occurred as the baby’s mother fell asleep during the journey. The area where the incident occurred is infamous for attacks by wild animals and stray dogs.

News Source – News 18, The Hindu.