Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of Netherlands Cleans up His Coffee Spill; Video Goes Viral

Prime Minister of Netherlands, Mark Rutte has impressed people with his humility when he cleaned up his coffee spill. Rutte accidentally spilt the coffee in the Parliament and he did walk away thinking that cleaners will clean it up instead he borrowed a mop and started cleaning up the mess while the cleaners applauded him.

The video of the Prime Minister of Netherlands went viral on the Internet after Dutch diplomat Cees Van Beek uploaded the video on the microblogging site.

In the video, Rutte is picking up the coffee cup that he has accidentally dropped on the Parliament floor. He then went on to take the mop from the cleaning staff and started cleaning the spilt coffee on the floor. Rutte was applauded and cheered by the cleaning up for his act.

Cees Van Beek captioned the image as, “Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte dropped his coffee cup today in Parliament, then cleaned up the mess himself under loud cheers of the Parliament’s cleaners.”

Soon after the video went viral, netizens appreciated the Dutch President’s efforts, and many called him the ‘example of humble leadership’.

The video soon gained the attention of Indians who suggested that the Indian politicians should take a cue from the Dutch Prime Minister.