What do you do when your luggage is over the limit when you are at the check-in counter before your flight?

Most people will just pay the excess baggage fees no matter how exorbitant it costs. However, someone decided to wear eight kilograms of clothing to avoid the baggage fees.

John Irvine from Scotland was at the Nice airport in France when he was told that he had to pay for his excess baggage. To avoid the fees he wore 15 shirts and sweaters and this was documented on a video which was later uploaded to Twitter by his son, Josh. The family was travelling from Nice to Edinburgh.

Man Wears 15 Shirts To Avoid Paying Excess Baggage Fee. Watch Viral Video

In the video, Josh can be heard laughing at his father as he piled the clothing on himself and the fact that he was “absolutely bloody roasting” from the heat.

Wearing 15 layers of clothing, however, made John Irvine look slightly suspicious to security staff, says his son. “They told him to take off some tops, and he kept taking them off because they were wondering what he was hiding.”

This is not the first time a passenger put clothing on themselves to avoid paying baggage fees.

A woman put on seven dresses, two pairs of shoes, two pairs of shorts, a skirt and a cardigan in April after she exceeded the luggage weight limit.

More and more airline companies are charging luggage fees separately from the flight ticket which is why incidents like this are happening.

The luggage limit for flights have also been reduced over the years.

What do you think airline companies can do to prevent such incidents?

Source – http://theindependent.sg.