There’s no shortage of advice each monsoon, from how to keep your hair from getting frizzy to fashion tips for braving the rains. But what’s missing from the advice columns this time of year?

Tips and advice about how pedestrians should expect to handle wet roads. It’s time we changed that.

According to the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, someone loses their life every four minutes to a road accident. The chances of that happening during the monsoon increase sharply.

While motorists have it tough, the survey found it’s the pedestrians who are at the greatest risk of an injury on India’s slick surfaces. We’ve put together a list of five road safety tips to help keep you out of harm’s way this season.

Man Slipped on Wet Road in Kerala; Shocking Visuals

Video – Shareek Vayalil Shk, SHK DIGITAL.

1) Don’t run!

We know this seems like common sense, but when standing in a downpour, most of us have the understandable urge to dash across the road to safety. You must resist this urge. Visibility during the rains drops dramatically and an oncoming car may not see you in time.

2) Be visible

When selecting your rain gear, opt for something bright and colourful instead of the standard issue black umbrella. Indulge your fun side and go for a creative pattern or reflective fabrics. Not only will it make you more visible to drivers, but it will lift your spirits too.

3) Just say ‘No’ to jaywalking

Jaywalking is always dangerous. During the monsoons, it can prove to be downright lethal. Even conscientious drivers are handicapped during monsoons due to low visibility, slippery roads and potholes. The last thing they need is to be caught by surprise as someone dashes across the road. There are designated crossings and traffic lights. Let’s all agree to use those instead, yes?

4) No, you don’t ‘Gotta Catch ‘Em All’

You know the latest augmented reality game – the monster hunting phenomenon that draws hordes of gamers out into the streets, eyes glued to their phones. It’s not long before the next addictive app takes over. Sure, the latest craze or smartphone game is fun, but is it worth risking your life? We didn’t think so.

5) Put that phone away

We’re really serious about limiting cellphone use during the monsoon, can you tell? Even if you’re not playing a video game, just attending to a call or a text message can distract you. During monsoons our roads turn into a veritable minefield of submerged potholes, which are extremely dangerous. You need to focus your attention on stepping carefully so as to avoid slipping and falling.

That means no phone calls and no text messages while you’re out walking. Nothing is urgent enough to risk your life.

You may not realise it, but simple precautions like these could keep you from becoming just another statistic or cautionary tale.

Never Forget

As Indians, we’ve become so used to hearing these stories of road accidents and resultant deaths that we can become desensitised. It is easy to forget that each statistic is more than just a number. These are actual human beings who died when they didn’t have to. So that you don’t forget, Chevrolet India has launched a beautifully heart-wrenching “Drive With Care” campaign to ensure everyone remembers the lives lost. Watch and be inspired.

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