For the past two days, social media has been abuzz with a video from Kerala, which has been chilling the audience to their bone. A pedestrian, who was casually walking on the side of a road, missed a speeding vehicle by a whisker.

In the chilling visuals captured on a CCTV camera, a man, clad in a black mundu and white shirt, is seen walking along the left side of a road in Kollam district. Barring a few vehicles that can be seen zooming past him, from the opposite direction, the road is almost empty.

But, a few seconds into the video, a speeding pickup van can be seen zipping past him along the sidewalk, instead of the road. For a split second, one would think the man has been run over by the vehicle. But, he had a close shave.

However, the man did not realise his luck until the vehicle started losing control on the sidewalk ahead of him, almost skid and hit a tree, and then swerved back on the road. It was only then that the man realised he escaped a deadly accident.

In a state of panic, he is seen turning back and running for a few metres. But he then stops to look back at the van, which had, by then, gone out of sight.

The man has been identified as Tamil Nadu native Sree Kumar, who had been living in Kerala for the last many years, reported Manorama News.

The video, which is widely being circulated on social media, is from Chavara in Kollam district. Speaking to TNM, the Chavara police officials said that the incident took place on Friday along the National Highway 66 at Thattassery.

“The video has been circulating on social media since Friday. The incident was caught on the CCTV camera of a hotel nearby,” said the police official.

Sree Kumar told the channel that the incident took place while he was going to work. “I was so shocked and had to come back home without going for work that day,” he said.

Many, however, shared the video on social media, calling him ‘the luckiest man’.

Source – The News Minute.