Rose mala is a place in Aryankavu (Kollam District, Kerala) Located about 15 km deep into the forest from Aryankavu junction. Aryankavu is 76 km away on NH 208 from Kollam. The forest track leading to Rosemala is very steep with loose boulders. Only Suvs with high ground clearance and jeeps (and of course two-wheelers) can travel on this road.

The main attraction in Rosemala is the forest, watch tower, and the view of lake from the watch tower. The watchtower unveils the beauty of Thenmala Dam reservoir surrounded by gigantic hills. There are options for boating in the lake for that you have to get the permission from Shenduruney Wildlife Sanctuary. The most important thing is the tranquility of several mountain streams crossing the path.

KSRTC Bus Off Road Challenge on Rosemala Route – VIDEO

Google map actually do not show the path to rosemala, but no problem there are no diversions or byroads on the way, the track will lead you to Rosemala. Rosemala is less explored eco-tourism spots in Kerala.

From the firmament it appeared like the unfurling petals of a rose. Amidst the petals, rests a valley in the Shenduruney forest. The little green patches of land, spilled across the river, with its bewitching aura seem to have come down from a fairy tale. Welcome to Rosemala, a valley that abounds in the bounty of nature. The shape of the land akin to that of a rose flower might be the reason behind the name of this valley. There is also the view that the name came from Roslin, the wife of a British planter who established the estate here.

Rosemala is one of the less explored eco tourism spots in Kerala. The forest road leading to Rosemala is steep and winding. You can enjoy the tranquility of several mountain streams on your path through the thick forest tracts. Hiring a jeep would be the best choice to reach Rosemala. You can seek the help of the forest department for the journey.

Start your trekking by venturing into Darbhakkulam, a pond deep inside Rosemala. Darbha is the name for Poa cynosuroides, a plant which has got significance in Hindu rituals. It is presumed that once this place was filled with these plants. On the way to Darbhakkulam observe the forest that teems with life and rich in biodiversity. Enjoy the vibrancy of nature. Watch rare species of butterflies, mushrooms and frogs. The serene surface of the lake mirrors the undulating green hills that surround the lake. The fluid sketch of the lush greenery is torn by the plenitude of the fishes dancing in the lake. Listen carefully; you will hear the sweet melody of waters flowing through the caves in the eastern region of the lake.

A rare spectacle awaits you at Rosemala watchtower. You have to return to the Rosemala junction to go to the watchtower. The watchtower unveils you the vastness of the Thenmala Dam in its entirety. The cool breeze embracing the lake is sure to last in your memory forever. If you are lucky enough to have good climate you can enjoy sunrise and sunset from this point.

Pallivasal is another trekking region at Rosemala. Tread the forest road for two kilometers that leads to the lake. The boat slicing the waves of the lake takes you to the heart of the forest.

The meeting place of the rivers Umayar, Shenduriniyar and Uriliyar is really captivating. Steer the boat to peck the unending water. The reservoir lies amid the gigantic hills. The lake is 115 m deep at certain places. The serenity with which one admired the lake from the shore is gradually giving way for rough waves. The wind causes the waves to swell a little. As you reach the shore, the waters, ever charming, would have lulled your heart.

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