A bus driver, bus operator, autobus driver or omnibus driver is a person who drives buses for a living.

In many jurisdictions, bus drivers must have a special license above and beyond a regular driver’s licence. Bus drivers typically drive their vehicles between bus stations or stops. Bus drivers often drop off and pick up passengers on a predetermined route schedule.

Kerala Private Bus Driver Mass Driving Performance – VIDEO

There are various types of bus drivers, including transit drivers, school bus drivers and tour bus drivers. Bus drivers may work for a city, public (state and national/federal) governments, school boards, and private enterprises, such as charter companies which run tour buses. Coach captains in Australia are frequently freelance sub-contractors who work for various bus and coach companies. Bus drivers also need to possess social skills for interacting with their passengers, which is a daily occurrence.

Before you get comfortable behind your wheels, it’s advisable to take some time to study the safety features of your vehicle. Learn how to use most of the key components especially those you frequently engage while driving and also try to understand their limitations.

One of the frequent causes of heavy traffic jams and accidents is inefficient lane merging. Most of us make the wrong turns and often make the situation worse. Roundabouts often present a lot of challenges for inexperienced drivers, especially those in the midst of moving traffic or when there are no traffic lights or signs to control the movement. Believe it or not, roundabouts are not difficult to navigate. They are simpler than you imagine. You just need to know how to do it right and fast too.