The Kerala Fire and Rescue Services is a service department of the Government of Kerala whose function is to fight fires and provide relief measures in times of calamities and disasters in Kerala.

It is responsible for the provision of fire protection as well as responding to building collapses, drownings, gas leakage, oil spillage, road and rail accidents, bird and animal rescues, fallen trees and taking appropriate action during natural disasters.

The department has now 122 Fire and Rescue stations and a Training Academy consisting of nearly 4800 executive personnel and nearly 200 ministerial staff.

The Headquarters the department is situated at Thiruvananthapuram. “WE SERVE TO SAVE” is the motto of the department.

Kerala Fire and Rescue services Rescue Mock Drill

Fire and Rescue Services personnel demonstrated tactful methods of putting out fire at a mock drill.

Mock drill is to aware the sitution in emergency. To understand the do”s & don’t in the situation. Its saves life, boost confidence in people to tackle the situation. Randomly done by defense ministry, home ministry, police, fire department and ngo as well. The mock drill is very good practice to aware the society.

Mock drill is used as an exercise in case a real emergency occurs so people, students, workers know what exactly to do.

Braving the rising flames, the fire and rescue services personnel stepped in and rescued the victims. With hands crossed, a pair of fire combaters lifted the victims and brought them to safer zones.

The brigade also disseminated details of a series of life saving methods adopted while tackling fire accidents. Prior to the arrival of ambulance, first aid given to the victims was also demonstrated.