Kerala bus drivers using TikTok while driving SUSPENDED [Video]

TikTok is the new social media app, which has become viral among the people of all the age groups in India and abroad. The short video sharing app is used by almost everyone and there are many who have been using the app while driving or riding.

Kerala’s Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) has now started a special drive to catch the bus drivers who use the app while on duty. As many as three bus drivers were suspended in Kerala recently and it has now become viral on the Internet.

The Kerala MVD is keeping a track of the video that are being put online by the bus drivers. Three bus drivers were suspended after they did dangerous stunts with their buses and recorded the same. The drivers then uploaded the video on the TikTok app, which is how they were tracked by MVD.

In one of the videos, the bus driver can be seen getting down from the moving bus and walking beside it for a few metres. There is no one on the bus and bus is going forward on its own.

Even though this stunt was done on an empty ground, it could have turned out to be extremely dangerous and the bus could have become out of control. Towards the end, the driver can be seen getting back into the bus.

A small bump on the ground or a big stone could have just moved the front wheels of the bus. Also, this act is highly dangerous because there is no one inside the bus who can control it if things go haywire somehow.

It should be noted that MVD started a crackdown on the disco lights installed on the bus quite sometime back. In fact, even the loudspeakers are not allowed in the buses. Last month, MVD suspended the license of a bus driver who was hired by a school for a trip and was spotted doing dangerous stunts in a video.

Written By – Shantonil Nag, Source – Cartoq.