History of the iconic ‘Mayilvahanam’ transport company

It was before the birth of the state of Kerala, in 1935, that Palakkad’s roads rumbled up to the steam powered wheels of Mayilvahanam.

C A Mathew, a young immigrant farmer from Pathanmathitta had relocated to Shoranur along with his family. Armed with a driving license he got all help from Mannath Govindan Nair in setting up what was named by the latter as Mayilvahanam.

At a time when there were no roads or public vehicles, Mathew started running his bus in 1935 which soon grew into being the pride of Shoranur. The first bus introduced by them had to be restarted everytime it stopped to take in passengers. On a slope it would have to be pushed up by all the passengers who were seated inside so far. Tinkering and pottering along the dusty roads of pre- independent India, the bus service soon grew into a 120 strong fleet with services being extended to Palakkad, Malappuram, Thrissur and Ernakulam districts.

What started with a hefty daily collection of Rs 8 has now become a spent force, burdened with the charges of increasing diesel costs, insurance and taxes and high labour charges. In the last 10 years, several of the running services were called off. With this the erstwhile transport major is drawing the curtains on decades of services giving full benefits to its employees.

Mayilvahanam buses are a part of valluvanadan heritage. These green and red buses were the only ones we knew. They opened up the valluvanadan heartland and took us to places within and around the region. Today as they wind up their historic journey. This is an ode from us. The people of valluvanad to what proudly call “our KSRTC”….

History of Valluvanad Transport must start with the pioneers. The chemarikkat family of shornur and their cts and mayilvahanam buses. They have long distance buses to local buses all under the same brand. Our childhood memories are vibrant with mayilvahanam. Almost buses on every other route were Mayilvahanams green and red.

Source – Mathrubhumi.