High winds flipped over a truck on highway : Video

A semi-truck and trailer, trash, tumbleweeds and a lot of leaves blew over in and around Nevada where wind gusts were recorded from 40 to 50 mph.

This video was captured on March 22, 2018, in Walker Lake, Nevada. According to the video description, “While driving, traffic stopped because of other similar accidents. For 10 minutes, we sat being this truck watching the back wheel lifting off the ground before it actually flipped.”

According to reports, the truck driver was not seriously injured during this blow-over.

Officials said there were no injuries but the semi blocked traffic for several hours before fire and police crews could get the truck removed from the highway.

Driving in Heavy Winds

Wind may seem like a minor risk, but this weather condition deserves special consideration from drivers. Strong wind can occur just about anywhere, but it can be more common in wide open spaces. Areas for concern also include highway overpasses, tunnels and ‘road cuts’ through mountainous areas that can act as funnels for wind. The following tips can help keep you on the road and safe if you encounter heavy winds.

1. Anticipate gusts. Take special care when driving through areas prone to strong winds or when weather reports predict severe weather.

2. Notice larger vehicles. Be aware of large vehicles on the road such as tractor-trailers and recreational vehicles. They are more susceptible to high winds and drivers may have difficulties staying in their lanes.

3. Keep a firm grip on the wheel. Keep both hands on the wheel in case the wind begins to move your vehicle, especially if you are driving a large vehicle or towing a trailer.