Flights Delayed At Coimbatore Airport; A man fights with Indigo Staff – VIDEO

A flight delay is when an airline flight takes off and/or lands later than its scheduled time. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) considers a flight to be delayed when it is 15 minutes later than its scheduled time. A cancellation occurs when the airline does not operate the flight at all for a certain reason.

Flight delays are an inconvenience to passengers. A delayed flight can be costly to passengers by making them late to their personal scheduled events and commitments. A passenger who is delayed on a multi-plane trip could miss a connecting flight. Anger, frustration and even Air rage can occur in delayed passengers.

Some of the causes of flight delays or cancellation include:

  • Airline glitches.
  • Congestion in air traffic
  • Earthquakes and tsunamis
  • Fueling
  • Inclement weather, such as thunderstorm, hurricane, or blizzard
  • Late arrival of the aircraft to be used for the flight from a previous flight
  • Maintenance problems with the aircraft
  • Security issues
  • Terrorist attacks

In the United States, when flights are canceled or delayed, passengers may be entitled to compensation due to rules obeyed by every flight company, usually Rule 240, or Rule 218 in certain locations. This rule usually specifies that passengers may be entitled to certain reimbursements, including a free room if the next flight is the day after the canceled one, a choice of reimbursement, rerouting, phone calls, and refreshments.