1. In Banaglore – Kerala route (via Salem) the volvo buses will run in fully reserverd status for 100 – 110 days in a year (One direction) even if the fare is high. So the remaining 250 days of the year is the concern here.

2. The target should be, on these days the service should not be running in loss, at least the operational cost should be recovered. Than running with 5 passengers at high fare, it is good to run with 25 passengers at low fare.

3. From Bangalore the days with huge demand are Fridays, Days before Onam, Christmas, Easter. Other than that there will be 10 -15 holidays (eg – Diwali, Ugadhi, Dassara, Vinayaka festival), on those days as well there will be huge demand. After these holidays, there will be good crowd from Kerala.


4. If Friday is such a holiday, defnitely the buses will be full on previous Thursday and Wednesday. On those days the rate can be kept the same. Similerly From Kerala there will be good demand in the following Monday and Tuesday.

5. In the month of May, it will be admission and vacation time, hence the buses will be full.

6. KSRTC should be aware of these days and on those days the fare can be kept the same. For other days, the fare shold be slashed down. It should be reduced at least by 20% so that the fare will be competitive with Karnata RTC and Auravat.

7. Here is the current rate comparison.

Bangalore – Ernakulam
Kerala (1050) , Karnataka (950), Private (800 -1000)

Bnagalore – Kottayam
Kerala (1130) , Karnataka (950), Private (800 -1000)

Bangalore – Trivandrum
Kerala (1329) , Karnataka (1050), Private (900 -1000)

In private buses there will be additional discounts while booking online.

8. Along with fare reduction, offers also shall be given on days with less demand. For example, if you book 3 tickets, the 4th one shall be given as free.

9. Almost 35 multi axle services are there on this route. Being flexible is the only way to stay in the competition

Credits Georgekutty Stanly