The Fiat Uno has been around in the world markets for a long time. In India too, the small hatchback was available in the market and it was moderately successful.

However, Fiat as a brand has been more popular in India when it comes to engines and the 1.3-litre multijet diesel engine, which was recently discontinued is often called as the national diesel engine of the country. Well, currently Fiat’s Jeep is present in India as a manufacturer but let’s come back to this crazy eight-wheel modification based on the Fiat Uno!

The modification is done in Russia by Garage54, who are known for their out-of-the-box jobs. This eight-wheel modification on the Uno is, however, mostly unpractical and apart from making the car look crazy on the roads, it does not do much.

The video shows the highlights of the modification job and how the team had to cut the major portion of the hatchback to do the cosmetic surgery. Sure it enhanced the look of the car but there’s nothing much these extra set of wheels do.

The modified Uno now has three axles in the rear and one of them is stack above the two, which allows contact between them. So when the wheels in contact the ground move in the forward direction, the wheel placed above moves in the reverse direction. And none of these three axles is live! Which means that the Uno retains the front-wheel-drive set-up and because of the extra traction, the engine now has to work overtime.

Also, there is no suspension system in the rear, which can be extremely troublesome and uncomfortable, if you’re driving on the rough roads or going through India. Oh wait, in India such modifications are illegal and the RTO will seize your car if they see any modification remotely similar to this one.

The Fiat Uno in red colour with the while alloys on the tyres does look good when it moves on the public roads. Of course, you do need something more than a gold wrap to attract the eyes and turn heads on the roads these days.

Apart from the visual attraction, there is nothing more that these wheels will help you. Since they are not on the live axle, there is no power supplied and they can help you off-roading too.

But if you’re on a thin ice layer, the extra contact patch will distribute the weight to a larger area and will probably stop the layer of ice from cracking but we are not sure how often you would want to end up in such situations in a car like this.

Written By – Shantonil Nag, Source – Cartoq.