Fact behind the viral Krishna Video, Vaishnava K Sunil

On the day of Sree Krishna Jayanthi, a video went viral on social media. A girl dressed up as Lord Krishna danced her way into the hearts of many. The video went viral and became the WhatsApp status of many people. The girl who posed as Krishna in the video has something to say about it. The girl, Vaishnava K. Sunil, said that the video is not from this year.

Even though the Sri Krishna Jayanthi celebrations in Kerala have come to an end, it seems that the ‘Krishna effect’ is still on. The video wherein Vaishnava K. Sunil, dressed up as lord Krishna, playing naughty pranks on girls dressed as gopikas, (devotees of Krishna at Vrindavan) and mischievously trying to the break the pot full of butter, has gone viral, making the second year B.Com student an overnight sensation.

The grace and beauty with which Vaishnava presented the act has gained her applauds flowing from every direction. She attributes it to her devotion towards lord Krishna and the longing to dress up as Krishna that has radiated in her performance. “Ever since my childhood, I had wanted to dress up as Uriyadi Kannan (Lord Krishna breaking the pot filled with butter), but didn’t get an opportunity until 2017 when one of the members of the Nair Sabha that organises the event asked me if I would like to participate. It was a dream-come-true moment for me and I agreed instantly,” says Vaishnava, who adds that her mother initially wanted her to dress up as Radha but later agreed, seeing her enthusiasm to become Krishna.

The procedure to take part in the event, according to Vaishnava, includes immense dedication with fasting.

Vaishnava has been learning classical dance for 14 years under her parents, who are dance teachers and her constant support to perform despite her busy schedule at school and college.

Ask her what she feels when people admire the video and media pour in to take her interview, she says, “It all seems so surreal. I never thought my performance would become this famous and people of every age group would like it. Thanks to social media. I was really humbled when one of my cousins, who is working with a leading TV channel, sent me actor Guinness Pakru’s voice note wherein he praised me for the performance.”

Source – Deccan Chronicle.